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World Coalition Demands Less Antibiotics

World Coalition Demands Less Antibiotics on FarmsA group of multinational consum . . .

2011-07-18 More

Manufacture News

In order to recycling of water resources, saving energy and fulfilling company p . . .

2010-04-13 More

Marketing News

Recently, through effective technology and advanced sales team of our company, o . . .

2010-04-10 More

Manufacture News

The experiments of FA/2 strains of our company have some breakthroughs:In order . . .

2010-03-28 More

Marketing News

Recently, our company has signed Sales Contracts about enzyme preparation with a . . .

2010-03-25 More

Personnel News

Mr. Xie, who is the specialist with bachelor degree and more than twenty years e . . .

2010-02-26 More

Administrative News

Our president David Weihua Han chaired the senior management staff meeting of ou . . .

2010-02-10 More

Administrative News

Li Teng, our Administrative Director, conducted a meeting to managers in our com . . .

2010-02-06 More

Administrative News

Mr Liteng, newly appointed Administrative Director arrived on his first day of w . . .

2010-01-24 More

Marketing News

Depend on good quality, thoughtful services and superior brand image, Indian *** . . .

2010-01-10 More